43+ Diy Home Decor Bedroom Wall Inspiration

How do you stay focused on your vision? How do you stay solidly on the path you’ve chosen? Do you keep your own goals top of mind or do they float in and out of your consciousness randomly? Well, if that last point describes you best then maybe it’s time to get clear and employ some strategies and tactics to get you focused and keep you solidly on the path to success, whatever you envision that success to be.

Ooo, I just said “envision”!! That’s a hint as to where I’m going with all this so pay attention here.

So, what the heck are these tactics? There are many but my favorite one is the Vision Wall. Something that is always within my line of … well… VISION. Something I can’t get away from. And why would I want to get away from my vision of my future success? I wouldn’t! So when I’m creating a Vision Wall, I use an area of my home that cannot be ignored or looked past as I go about my day.

If it’s high time you make yourself a Vision Wall, here is what you do:

First, find a nice central, busy area in your home, office, workout space, or all of the above and start plastering a prominent wall in that space with pictures of what you want to be, achieve, own, accomplish. Use pictures that inspire you to reach for that goal as well, and it doesn’t have to be completely literal. If you want to achieve financial independence, what does that look like to you? A home you own outright? A fancy car?

In regards to your fitness vision, what does your ultimate healthy and fit body feel like or look like in your mind? Do you want six pack abs? Load up that wall with as many pictures of abs you aspire to have as you can find. Don’t distract yourself with details that don’t matter. Cut the heads off the pictures and put the cropped pictures up. You know what? It’s a lot easier to envision yourself with those abs if someone else’s face isn’t staring back at you from those pictures. How about a ripped back, biceps, chest, or shoulders? Same deal. Start loading up that wall. Make the pictures overlap, cram the wall as full as you can with your vision. Get completely carried away. Now that, my friend, is what is referred to as a GREAT “Vision Wall”… and it really works.

Then put duplicates in other areas like your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom mirror. Get that goal in your face so much you can’t possibly forget it. You’d be surprised just how well it works to keeping you singularly focused on that goal when you can’t ever get away from it. Hell, it worked for me. I wanted six pack abs. I got that wall up in my dining room, which doubles as my home office. There’s no way for me to forget it’s there or overlook it. It stares back at me every single day of my life. My guests can see it and I explain it often. But I’ve got six pack abs now, so I really don’t care what anyone thinks of my “Wall of Girls with Hot Abs”. Quite frankly, if they don’t like it, that’s their problem, and I don’t make it mine.


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